Woah, Friday came out of nowhere…

So I don’t know about you all, but for me, this week went by faster than the Looney Tunes Road Runner could say, ‘beep beep.’   And I am left feeling like the Wile E Coyote doing everything I can just to catch up!

This week I have been so busy at work, I feel like I have been running around like a road runner with her head cut off.  And speaking of running, I am about to be doing a LOT of it.  I mean, I have to break in my adorable new New Balance Minimus Zero’s that came this week!

And I guess, I also need to start training for this half-marathon, because in just two weeks my husband and I have already raised close to $3,400! for the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) and Team Breakthrough, so we cannot have a poor showing.

And I was in search of this cute, sweaty picture from when my husband and I finished our last half marathon, but alas, I did not find it.  Instead, I came across these funny pictures that I just had to share from the good ole’ days at first my interior design firm when we were constantly staging and doing installations for one of our large commercial clients.  And although sometimes those days would get long, we never missed the chance to enjoy ourselves…

(in case you are wondering what we are doing, well, permanently and strategically placing our faux plants in pots with the assistance of concrete of course). 

Okay, enough with the trip down memory lane, and back to ‘running.’  I not only feel like I have been running my way through this week, but I also feel like this summer has been flying by and I have not had enough time to stop and enjoy it. So, this weekend I plan to do some of those good ole’ summer traditions, like:

1. Relaxing at a cabin in the woods…


2. Floating down a river (all. day. long.)…


3. Going for a bike ride…(and this cute beach bike would be the perfect mode of transportation!)


4. Eating a popsicle…


5. Swimming…


6. Having a bon fire on the beach…


7. And roasting marshmallows for S’mores…


What are your favorite summer traditions?!?

I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I plan to.  And don’t you worry your little hearts, I’ll be back soon (Monday in fact).  Off for now….beep beep.

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