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Beat the heat.

With water.  Yesterday was another one of those super scorching hot days where you feel like you are inside of an oven it is so hot.  And I don’t know about you, but our air conditioning is scrambling just to keep up (we’re talking the good ole’ AC is set at 58 and our apartment temperature is 80). This week the AC in our office also broke and we were all sent home because it was so miserably hot.  So, what do I do to beat this heat – drink water.  And lots of it.  And speaking of drinking water, I have come across some fun new water bottles to help transport all of that water.

1. The Bubi Bottle: $29.99 – The world’s first scrunchable water bottle.  Also BPA-Free.  How cute.  Thank you Fast Co Design blog for the nice introduction.  You can easily travel or workout with the Bubi bottle and once you have finished your water, it barely takes up any space in your bag until you are ready to refill it.  Not to mention that it comes in a few, adorable colors.

2. bkr Bottle: $28.00 – BPA-Free, glass bottle with a silicone sleeve.  Brightly colored glass water bottles will keep your water tasting fresh, and the silicone sleeve provides a buffer so that the water bottle will not break easily.  I read about these previously on A Cup of Jo blog.

3. Lifefactory water bottle:  $24.99 – BPA-Free, glass bottle with silicone sleeve in a cute design.  I discovered these at Whole Foods.  Again, these come in a fun, variety of colors and the glass base provides fresh drinking water while the silicone sleeve prevents breakage.

Along with these new and exciting water bottles, and while I am on the subject of drinking a lot of water, I have to point out that water can sometimes become drab and boring.  And sometimes I need incentives to continue to drink it, or at least to get me excited about it.  So I have been experimenting with naturally flavoring my water with different fruits, herbs and vegetables.  And I’ve found that one of the most refreshing options is cucumber, lemon and mint water…


I talked about the benefits of lemon water here, which include:  lemon water aids in digestion, helps your skin including providing anti-aging benefits, is good for your teeth and gums, cures throat infections, assists with weight loss (warm lemon water + honey is recommended), helps with respiratory disorders, high blood pressure and rheumatism, reduces fever and acts as a blood purifier.  And when you add mint and cucumber, you have a refreshing and healthy drink!

And speaking of water, when I was visiting my family in Iowa over the weekend, it got so hot that my brother, sister-in-law and I put out a baby pool for our dogs (although we ended up using it more than they did!)…

It is best to use your imagination when utilizing a baby pool.  We were picturing that we were dipping our feet in the island paradise of Mauritius…


You know, it was practically the same thing…


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