baby rooms

Baby Rooms and the Olympics

I cannot stop watching the Olympics. I was up late last night catching every last minute of the exciting events and post event interviews. I mean, how can you not tune in to see if Michael Phelps would be the most decorated Olympian of all time?  Or if Jordyn Wieber and the rest of the US gymnastic team can pull away with a gold?

Not to mention the families that they highlight in the stands. The parents amazing expressions as they watch their kids perform even more amazing feats.  Between continually hearing about Michael Phelps being ‘decorated‘ and stories of parents supporting their kids from a young age through today, I seem to have baby room decor on my mind.

And to add fuel to the flame, for whatever reason, I just started getting a new magazine called American Baby (I did not order this) and along with this magazine, ads of everything ‘baby’ from new and inventive bottles to diaper bags.  Hmmm.  Maybe it is because I keep getting invitations in the mail for baby showers and sip and sees (where you sip drinks and look at the new baby!).  But either way, the combination of these activities has babies and decor on my mind.  So, it felt like an opportune time to share this adorable baby room idea I’ve come across…


Isn’t this idea ingenious?  And so simple too.  Place white shelves on a small (or large) wall from floor-to-ceiling and adorn them with all of the cute children’s books you’ve received as gifts.  This is fun for the kids too because they see the books all at once when picking one out each night.  P.S. I also love the painted stripes on the ceiling.  It is very fitting for a baby’s room because generally a baby is looking up when in their room (either lying down in their crib or on their changing table), so we might as well make it exciting right?!?

Well, that is all I have for now, I was up sooo late keeping up with the Olympics, so I am now equally as late for work!  Until next time, xo!


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