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Weekend Recap

This weekend consisted of:

1.    many hours of watching the Olympics,

1b.  a few intense minutes cursing our DVR for deleting the Olympics (Epic fail on our classification as ‘delete when space is needed‘ – it gets you every   time),

2.    a quick trip to the Green City Farmer’s Market (to be followed by the making of a few Green Smoothie, fresh fruit and French-pressed coffee breakfasts),

3.    and last but not least watching a few bands play at Lollapalooza (this included The Head and the Heart, Dawes, The Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gaslight Anthem, Of Monsters and Men, and Florence and the Machine), nothing quite beat seeing Cage the Elephant in rain last year (I linked to the video in this post), but The Black Keys and Chili Peppers definitely gave a good showing.

3b.  and I did also spend a few hours trying commute home from Lollapalooza (as evidenced by my last two pictures).

We had a big miss on Alabama Shakes thanks to a disruptive storm that rolled in Saturday afternoon, but otherwise it was a great 3 day music festival.  I didn’t get many pictures, but below is a picture of my cousin Megan, good friend Andrea and I from Lollapalooza a year or so ago…

And although I did not get in any workouts this weekend (training for half marathon can happen in a few weeks right?!?), my husband and I did have a very fun run at the Terrapin 5K at Soldier Field after work on Thursday (which was promptly followed by another music festival).  And although I’ve been a super slacker, I managed to finish in a somewhat respectable 8:28 mile pace.

And since I have been MIA since last Wednesday (sorry guys), I should probably mention what else has been keeping me busy.  Our volleyball team won the playoffs!  Okay, I lied, we just won the first two games of the playoffs and we play again this week.  But it is pretty exciting considering how we fared throughout the rest of the season.

And wait, I am forgetting the best. part. of the very long weekend.  I got to break in my our new dining chairs.  I am in love.  A dining room post will ensue shortly as I without a doubt spent many hours scouring the internet for my absolute favorite dining rooms before I we made the final decision…

Your thoughts?  You definitely need to look past the make-shift office area I’ve created on the dining room table.  When you live in a one-bedroom, you have to be efficient.  A rug to come soon (don’t you think it needs it? gotta convince the husband!).


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