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Dog guilt, workout routines and bedroom canopies

You are probably wondering what any of these things have to do with each other.  Since getting a puppy over three years ago, my life has changed in mostly amazing and awesome ways. But one downside for me is I chronically suffer from dog guilt.  Symptoms of this self-diagnosed condition include:
  • Sadness upon leaving your dog alone for fear your dog will be sad, scared or bored (this particular symptom is preempted by my dogs chronic separation anxiety – I am sure you have heard me discuss this before…)
  • Feelings of serious guilt when leaving your dog alone, enough so that you put off important tasks, like working out, running errands or even hanging out with friends.
  • Giving in to sad dog stares, and choosing to walk your dog (cue wagging tail) instead of completing your task at hand (which in many cases for me is: working out)

So, I am happy to report, that in the past two days I have made small strides at curing this unlikely condition.  I have forced myself to change and leave for a workout immediately after getting home.  This reduces the amount of time my little pup Sumo has to wrap me around her little paw with her sad face trickery and I can walk her as soon as I get back (and thus relieve any guilt). I know this should not have taken me over three years to figure out, but two days in a row of an after-work workout feels like a monumental step!  P.S. Does anyone else suffer from this condition as well? Please leave comments if so and we can form a support group :-).

Getting into a workout routine will probably always be one of my life challenges, but I’ve found a few things that seem to help me:

  • Workout outdoors. I realized I am not a fan of the gym and being outdoors allows you to be pensive while enjoying nice scenery, and in general feels more worthwhile. Whether it is going for a run, stretching, or doing strength, it all feels easier and less like ‘work’ when you are outside.
  • Workout alone. It has come to my attention, that I not only have introvert tendencies in many situations, but it also applies to my workouts. I may be alone in this, but working out alone allows me focus on breathing and go at my own (leisurely) pace.
  • Have a good playlist! This is a key element in the formula for me, however I am currently lacking in this department, any suggestions?!?
  • Tell yourself it does not need to be a production.  If you only have 15-20 minutes, do a few sprints and pushups, everything counts.
  • Wear a stop watch.  This is really important for my runs, it keeps me motivated to go further and run a certain distance/amount of time. I just picked up this cute one from Puma.
While on the subject of working out, you should really have a nice, relaxing, cozy/comfy bedroom to sleep in at night if you are putting in a good workout every day, don’t you think?!?  And speaking of dogs, my pup Sumo loves to sleep in places where she can be fully surrounded and feel secure, whether the surround is pillows, walls, or even piles of shoes.  People are also like this, whether they realize or not.  In design school, we would study the psychology of how people interacted in different spaces, and generally no one likes to be exposed or out in the open (which is how we determined the best space plans for public and private seating).   Which is also why it is so important for your bed, the place that you spend a good, solid 6-8 hours a night sleeping in, to be psychologically sound.  You don’t want to have a nightmare of being exposed while walking through your high school corridor do you?  Yeesh, me either.  So, that is why I am loving canopies these days.  Canopies provide the “animal-instinct” sense of enclosure and feeling of security that is unconsciously sought after by all (yes, I am talking about you) and not to mention, they are also incredibly beautiful and elegant and provide added architectural detail and interest to your space.  Okay, enough talking, I’ll show a few canopies that I love…








A view from the inside…


Last but not least, the ultimate canopy.  I know this doesn’t really count, but it looks dreamy nonetheless.


4 thoughts on “Dog guilt, workout routines and bedroom canopies

  1. Claire, you KNOW I will always have awesome hip hop/rap songs for you 🙂 I just put the following songs on my iPod yesterday: “Mercy” by Kanye West, “Whistle” by ?, and “Beez in the Trap” by Nicki Minaj. As for none offensive songs, I added a few tracks from The Lumineers and The Flaming Lips to my running mix.

    1. Of course Ang! I should’ve gone to you first : ). Haha, I love your offensive songs, I still listen to a lot of those : ). Thank you for these great suggestions! I LOVE the Lumineers, I’ve actually been listening to some of their tunes while running.

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