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Emerson Fry Fall Preview



Sorry for the lack of posts since Monday, this week has FLOWN by.  And since it flew by, I had little time to do anything except go for a run or two, walk the dog, eat, sleep, AND check a few emails.  And, one particular email caught my eye today–when an Emerson Fry sale flashed into my inbox, I was delighted at all of the beautiful things on sale, only to check back later to find many of them sold out.  Sad face.  But then after a little more clicking, I came across her beautiful and fun fall preview.  I kind of love it all.  But here are a few of my favorites…



I always have a thing for purple (and blue!), and I happen to own these shoes in tan, but a purple pattern would be a nice addition too…


This pair of purple-gray loafers are so pretty…


And while I love this classic, black wool coat, I love even more those oxblood red heels.  Perfect color and shape, don’t you think?!?


When it comes to clothing, I always seem to levitate towards grays, blues and olive greens.  Which is why this military-style green coat caught my eye.


How cute-sie are these tennis shoes?  They even look chic paired with dress pants–could they be the new commuter shoe?


I just thought this little pup was adorable, so I wanted to share…

Check out more of Emerson Fry’s fall preview here, her spring sale here, and if you’d like to see my old post about her house (the interior is amazing!), well then click here!  Do I like this designer or what?!? We are definitely on the same wavelength…


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