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Dip-dyed tablecloths

Bright, fun, modern DIP-DYE. You may have noticed that recently dip-dye is leaking into every imaginable type of consumer good, including clothing, lamp shades, chairs, hats, you name it.  But I am loving the use of brightly colored dip-dye on oversized tablecloth linens.  It is a great way to bring in a punch of color and FUN without much commitment.  I have recently been attending a lot of wedding and baby showers, weddings, bachelorette parties and birthdays and a dip-dyed tablecloth would be the perfect addition for an energized party or celebration.  It would also be a great excuse for a little bit of Do-It-Yourself entertainment.  If nothing else, these images will help wake you up on this lovely Wednesday morning (best enjoyed with a cup of coffee!)…






What do you think?!? Do you like dip-dyed tablecloths as much as I?  I am considering a DIY project in my near future and I will keep you posted on the results!



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