A Bathroom Built for Two

Do you ever argue with your significant other about who gets to brush their teeth and get ready (for bed or work) first?!? Because let’s be honest, there is just no good way for two people to wash their face or brush their teeth in the same sink at the same time.  At least in our house it ends in water splashing wars and boxing out tactics (I did learn a thing or two from my short stint on the middle school basketball B Team)…

Even if the bathroom is not a point of contention in your relationship (meaning you are one of the lucky ones — with double sinks that is!), you still have to appreciate these beautifully done bathrooms that are perfectly built for TWO…(PS – I LOVE these mirrors!)


This luxurious and exquisitely designed bathroom spells it out for you in the floor tile (in case your other half tries to sneak a rinse on your side)…


This bathroom even has separate entrances to the shower (not to mention some amazing eclectic Cuban tiles)…


I love this bathroom with the traditional brass hardware and modern metal lockers, and those divine, navy, porcelain sinks…


We all know how much I love factory style windows (since I devoted an entire post them to here), so I am quite keen on this shower enclosure, and of course the combination of rustic and transitional detailing that make this bathroom a cozy space…


And last, but not least, this compartmentalized bathroom (with black metal french doors to boot) wouldn’t be too hard of a space to share, don’t you think?!?


And I’d love to share my bathroom too, but for now, I will spare you the gory details (since you’ve probably had enough of those with it being Halloween and all), and just stick with the magazine worthy spaces instead.  Until next time! xo


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