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A good night’s sleep is made of these…

And who am I to disagree. So today I’d like to be…

1.  Getting ready for bed in this warm and rustic bedroom…


2. While wearing these comfortable pajamas…


3.  And taking a little bit of Melatonin (just in case!). We give a small dose (that was recommended by our vet to our dog when she’s anxious) so I recently tried it myself and it does do the trick when needed.


4.  And cozying up in this soft and elegant bedding (sheets, linen, blanket, coverlet)…


5.  Then dropping a single drop of Essence of Vali – Sleep A Bedtime Ritual on my pillow. One vial is good for 100 nights of sleep!


6. On this pillow to be exact. 50/50 White Goose Feather and White Goose Down.  I first slept on one of these types of pillows at the Westin, and it was love at first shut eye. I am planning on purchasing 4 of these


7.  While winding down with a good book. Right now I am reading A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. It puts things into perspective although can also be a little alarming before bed, which is why I also keep my phone handy in case a few light hearted blog reads are in order.


8.  And eventually plugging away with these earplugs. These are very necessary for me, as even the slightest noise will keep me up for hours. And when I start telling my husband that he’s breathing too loud, I know its time to reach for a pair of my Hot Pink Ear Plugs.


9.  And darkening the room with this Holistic Eye Mask with Lavender

holistic eye mask with lavender

10. And last but not least, cozying up to a small pup. Shiba Inus are snuggly, warm and easy to cuddle.

P.S. Speaking of bedrooms, how cool is this one!?!  At least for a night or so…

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