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Skiing and Sundance Film Festival

So I blame my lack of posting lately on the combination of a week-long vacation to Utah and an incredibly busy period at work that were both sandwiched by two nasty colds.  And because much of my time recently has been spent at work (which is not great material for a blog post), today I will give a short recap of our trip to Utah.


My husband and I have four close friends that we like to go on active and sometimes adventurous vacations with.  From rafting the Penobscot in Maine to surfing on Mission Beach in San Diego, outdoor activities help to keep our trips more exciting.  The six of us have also taken ski trips to Park City during Sundance Film Festival for the past few years.  The first year we went was 2011, which I briefly posted about here, was basically my first time ever skiing.  So this year, after a little more skiing under my belt, I finally felt like a more confident skier and I was able to do intermediate runs the entire trip with a smile on my face…


We made it to a variety of ski resorts this year including Park City, Alta, Solitude, and Brighton.  In past years, we’ve also been to Deer Valley, Snowbird (where I had my first terrifying ski experience) and the Canyons, but in Utah there always seems to be a new one to try.  This year we also managed to get six tickets to two of the Sundance Film Festival movies (which were both great!):

The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now


and Fruitvale.

Viewing movies at Sundance is a cool experience, at the end of the film, usually some of the cast and the director come out on stage for a Q & A. Everyone in the audience also has the opportunity to vote for the movie, which is fun to partake in…


Fruitvale was a four-star movie in my book, I was glued to my seat the entire film and taken on a emotional roller-coaster which led to intense tears at the end.  I highly recommend going to see it when it is out in the theatre (I heard it was one of the movies that will be!).  If you are interested, the leading actor in the film, Michael B. Jordan, was recently interviewed on Vanity Fair which you can watch here.

And since I never posted from our trip in 2012, here are a few snapshots from 2012 (since I seemed to take many more pictures last year)…



The girls…IMG_1650

The guys…IMG_1912

The views…IMG_1961

Waffles and hot chocolate at Alta…


Fresh powder…IMG_2068

And Main Street in Park City…IMG_4265

So, in a nutshell, that is how I spent one of the weeks of my time off from this blog, and the rest was spent putting in OT at work.  I promise to back again shortly, but thank you for standing by!

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