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Mad About: Sleeping Dog Artwork

My husband and I were heading back inside from our walk with Sumo (our Shiba Inu) yesterday and a neighbor got on the elevator with us.  We held back Sumo (as we usually do) so that she did not bother him because she loves to smell strangers.  He noticed this and said, “It’s okay, I’m a dog lover.”  This small sequence of events got me thinking–I know there are many people who do not like dogs (many of whom live in our building), and while these people may have really great reasons (being afraid, allergic, not liking the smell, mess or noise they create), I can’t help but think, how can you not be, at least somewhat, a dog lover.  As I stated above, I know there are many reasons people have for not loving dogs (even my dad and my husband’s step dad are not completely enamored with the furry guys), but I found some really amazing artwork of dog’s sleeping that I think might help their cause.  There is something so peaceful, relaxing and innocent about a dog sleeping.  And I especially LOVE these pieces below because they are simply done with pencil which would be beautiful in a framed series above a bed (scroll to the bottom if you need help picturing this).

Andrew Wyeth German Shepherd

Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917-2009) Untitled (German Shepherd) Pencil on paper via Mutual Art


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by *baad-Artist (Adam Barth)

Sunny Spot

Sunny Spot by Amy Donahue


Sleeping Wolf by Lucy Swinburne

sleeping dog

Sleeping Dog by Jackie Hoats Shields

sleeping spaniel

Sleeping Spaniel by Rebecca Vose

If I were to purchase these prints (many of which can be found at Fine Art America or click on the links above for more information), I would frame and hang them in an ordered collage above our bed like in the collage I created below.  And per my recent post about dark blue bedrooms, I think a dark blue paint would make the perfect backdrop…

dog collage2

*Paint color is Benjamin Moore 2062-10 Polo Blue

What do you think?!? Are you a dog lover too? Or even if you are not, does this artwork appeal to you?!?  While I await the funds and motivation to make this collage for myself, this little one will have to make do…


And I don’t know about you, but all of these images have me ready for a Sunday afternoon nap


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