Kitchen Trends – Open Shelving

I have to start off this post by apologizing for the lack of blog posts in 2013.  I just realized that it has been a full month (and then some) since my last post. But here is the low-down. I have been incredibly busy at work (you know, staying late, working on the weekends, having to schedule webinars that do not begin until 8 p.m., traveling yada yada), and then in my spare time, I have been working on a kitchen renovation. And I think I squeezed in an out-of-town baby shower in my hometown (where I went antiquing with my mom!) and a bachelorette party somewhere in there.  But let’s get back to the kitchen renovation. And after perusing many beautiful kitchens for inspiration in magazines, showrooms and online, I continue to get intrigued by the kitchens that incorporate open shelving into the design. Now, granted, you need to have adequate storage in other areas of your kitchen to be able to fully execute beautiful and organized open shelving in the kitchen. But when it is done right, it is down right stunning.  Now I don’t know if open shelving will be in the cards for the kitchen I am designing, but below are some kitchens that implemented this design exquisitely (in my opinion anyhow)…



Open shelving is so pleasing to the eye because it breaks up the monotony of cabinetry and brings added interest to a space.  Not to mention it is the perfect opportunity to infuse the space with personal touches and make it really feel like home.  I think that is one of the major factors that draws me in with open shelving–well that and also the fact that it helps to make a kitchen feel more lived-in, friendly, and cozy…











So, what do you think? This design is definitely not for everyone, and if it would cause you stress to keep the shelves organized or the objects clean then this is probably not your best bet, but it sure does look great don’t you think?!?


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Trends – Open Shelving

  1. Such a lovely kitchen shelving design, I’ve been browsing the net looking for the best kitchen shelving design, and I found your post as the most interesting that I can do in my kitchen.

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