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Happy 4th of July! (+ Blue interiors)

Happy 4th of July!  I hope you are up and out enjoying this hot, happy, middle-of-the-week holiday.  Below is a little 4th of July spirit to get your day rolling… Image Image Also, today is the last day of my three day 4th of July celebration, so below are a few BLUE interiors to complete… Continue reading Happy 4th of July! (+ Blue interiors)

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Today I want to be…

Waking up in this sunny bedroom with these crisp white linens, and a croissant and cappuccino to top it off… Image Spending the rest of the morning watching the sunrise while reading and relaxing here… Image Hanging out with this cute little Shiba Inu puppy… Image Enjoying this hearty vegetable soup for lunch… Image Taking… Continue reading Today I want to be…

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Drought is defined in the dictionary as: drought [drout]  noun a period of dry weather, especially a long one that isinjurious to crops. an extended shortage: a drought of good writing. Archaic . thirst. This word happens to pretty much sum up a few things that are occurring simultaneously in my life.  In Chicago right now, we are experiencing incredibly dry weather, with soaring temperatures and not much rain to speak of.  This is evidenced… Continue reading Drought

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Garden Envy

Sorry for the lack of posting for the past week.  With family matters, nothing else really matters, so unfortunately that means neglecting this blog. But thank you for standing by and I am back for the remainder of the week with some inspiration! We’ve been in Michigan for the past 5 days and since my… Continue reading Garden Envy

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Mint mania

So lately everyone has been posting, pinning, and talking about the color mint. Even my husband (although to be fair, he has been talking about mint.com, the website that summarizes our finances, not the color). I’ll be honest, while I love mint-flavored pastries, drinks and candies (like peppermint patties for instance), I have not yet jumped on… Continue reading Mint mania