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Emerson Fry Fall Preview

    Sorry for the lack of posts since Monday, this week has FLOWN by.  And since it flew by, I had little time to do anything except go for a run or two, walk the dog, eat, sleep, AND check a few emails.  And, one particular email caught my eye today–when an Emerson Fry sale… Continue reading Emerson Fry Fall Preview


Fall fashion

Speaking of the weekend going by fast, this summer has flown by equally as fast.  And, the slightly cooler weather and nearing the end of August has me thinking about fall fashion…(the cozy, relaxed kind of fashion) Sweater – La Garconne Top – Reiss Jeans – MiH Ring – BaubleBar Boots – Madewell Do you… Continue reading Fall fashion

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Pretty in plum…

Every once in a while you may see a reoccurring theme on this blog, which is likely a strong indication that I like something. A lot. And today, that reoccurring theme is purple, and more specifically plum. Which I talked a little bit about here. But I’d like to discuss it further today. Mainly because I… Continue reading Pretty in plum…

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Will Leather Goods

Have you ever heard of Will Leather Goods? It is a company based in Oregon that makes very unique, carryall bags… If you are like me and are always lugging around a giant bag to work to hold your snacks, water bottle, sunglasses, umbrella, laptop, wallet, lotion, workout clothes and the list goes on and… Continue reading Will Leather Goods

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Weekend recap…

We started off the weekend with dinner on Friday with our two good friends, Robb and Jerusha at Acadia.  It had a fixed menu, but the food was quite good, so it was a nice way to start the weekend. Then when we walked towards the park for our Saturday morning walk with Sumo, the… Continue reading Weekend recap…

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Neon Yellow

Lately I am loving the color: neon yellow.  And maybe it is just me, but I seem to be seeing it everywhere lately.  Back in the day, in an Economics class I took, I remember learning a theory about the color yellow, that seeing the color yellow pop up  in more places (like on a woman’s dress… Continue reading Neon Yellow

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Emerson Fry: Home and Fashion

Over the weekend my husband and I bought some glass storage jars from Sur la Table to add to our current collection.  We use the jars to store different food items, like pasta, coffee, and walnuts. After getting more of these jars, I began to do some kitchen reorganization. While trying to determine the best… Continue reading Emerson Fry: Home and Fashion

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Weekend Recap…

My weekend recap this weekend is pretty short.  I spent the majority of it in a meeting room with little to report on this design blog but the delicious mints on our conference tables that I continually consumed.  But, I did get the chance to go on a nice walk with my husband and puppy…… Continue reading Weekend Recap…

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Mint mania

So lately everyone has been posting, pinning, and talking about the color mint. Even my husband (although to be fair, he has been talking about mint.com, the website that summarizes our finances, not the color). I’ll be honest, while I love mint-flavored pastries, drinks and candies (like peppermint patties for instance), I have not yet jumped on… Continue reading Mint mania

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Parties and celebrations

I am so happy it is finally Friday.  Not only because it has been a long week, but because I have some exciting things planned this weekend. The first fun event this weekend is my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower in her hometown on Saturday afternoon. Below are two pictures from their engagement session…(aren’t they gorgeous… Continue reading Parties and celebrations