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White Interiors

After my post yesterday about RED interior spaces, today, I am going to continue my three day 4th of July celebration by showcasing WHITE interiors.  As I have discussed here before, I love white interiors (white walls, white ceilings, white floors, the whole bit).  So it was not unexpected when it became a challenge for… Continue reading White Interiors

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Chasing the Chaise Lounge

Lately I have eyeing chaise lounges.  They are the sophisticated, lazy-man’s, lounge chair and they look absolutely exquisite in a space. Image I do not discriminate when it comes to the lounge chair.  As long as I can rest my head on the back and put my feet up, we are good to go.  Although… Continue reading Chasing the Chaise Lounge

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In my library

Have you read any really great books recently?  I am always interested in finding out what books others are reading.  I am a member of GoodReads (the social club for books!), so it is fun to stalk my friends pages and steal book ideas from them. I also belong to a book club (that I have… Continue reading In my library