Dark and Restful Bedrooms

I know you have probably heard me say once or twice how much I like white and lightly colored walls so that furniture, fixtures and decor is better highlighted. ¬†But recently, I have been having strong urges to paint our bedroom a dark, dark hue. ¬†However, given that we will likely be moving in the… Continue reading Dark and Restful Bedrooms

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Fabric Headboards

Commitment issues. Everybody has some type of commitment issues, whether it be committing to a relationship, committing to a job, committing to a diet, committing to a workout routine, committing to cleaning the house, and I could go on and on. I personally tend to have commitment issues when it comes to interiors. Which is… Continue reading Fabric Headboards

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Blustery weather leaves me craving color!

In staring out my apartment this afternoon, straining to see beyond the ice crusted to the window, all I can see for miles and miles is: pure white! (oh, and a few tops of houses peering back at me…). Between the white-out conditions and constant hum of the wind, I find myself craving some COLOR… Continue reading Blustery weather leaves me craving color!


Today I’m loving: chalkboard paint, behind the bed

This weekend I ate dinner at The Bristol in Bucktown. Their locally grown and seasonal menu with Mediterranean roots was amazing and is sure to satisfy! and after a bit of a wait, we were situated in a great, corner table next to large chalkboard wall listing the unique flavors of that evening. And while… Continue reading Today I’m loving: chalkboard paint, behind the bed