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Winter Vacation in San Diego

Here I go again: going not days but weeks without blogging.  I promise to get into a routine again soon.  I am still using the excuse that I have been incredibly busy at work and also traveling again.  And…


So on that note, I recently spent a long weekend in San Diego with my high school best friends.  We decided to spoil ourselves with a trip to California because we (a) hardly ever to get to see each other and (b) needed an excuse to get away during the cold, mighty winter, and (c) we are all turning (or have already turned!) 30 this year so we wanted one last fun trip together to commemorate our twenties. And, after a quick four and a half hour flight from Chicago to San Diego, my friend Elizabeth and I arrived to meet the rest of the girls.plane

We rented a VRBO house on Mission Beach which turned out to be the perfect location…


For a few morning walks on the beach…
For practicing yoga on the beach…
And for having lunch on the beach…
We also took the short drive to La Jolla for a day and did some tourist activities in the quaint and stylish neighborhood.  We overlooked lounging seals from the sea cliffs above…
And then we partook in a little bit of shopping in the many stores and boutiques in the area…
And no day trip would be complete without a few awkward self photos…
We also indulged by celebrating our 30th ‘birthdays’ with some drinks and dessert at a restaurant in downtown San Diego…
And we even took it upon ourselves to put together an awkward photo montage (also to commemorate past memories from our 20’s)…
Last and definitely least, we ended our vacation with a hilariously awful whale watching trip. What our happy faces did not realize at the beginning of this boat ride is that three of us would get terribly seasick and it would turn out to be three and a half hours of a freezing cold, windy, and raucous boat ride followed by only a few dolphin sightings in the last 15 minutes.
But this was all remedied by getting to end our last night at the beach house watching another one of these gorgeous sunsets…
And after traveling back to reality (and this cold, fast-paced city), I am getting thrown back into my daily routines which will include more blogging.  Promise!

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