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Sunday Afternoon Nap and Kantha Quilts

Today I would like to be taking an afternoon nap in this bedroom…



And speaking of this bedroom, I want to talk about how simple it is to dress up your space and make more original and unique by adding a Kantha quilt. Kantha quilts originate in India and they are known for their unusual patterns, bright colors and unique color combinations.  They are very lightweight, so they are perfect for layering in the winter or using in the summer.  Whether vintage or new, you can find a wide variety of Kantha quilts online and in many different colors, patterns and sizes.  As a quilt for your bed or a throw on your chair or sofa, a Kantha quilt is an easy way to provide instant personality to your space.  I actually own one that I purchased on a whim from West Elm when they were selling Kantha quilts.  I love ours and currently use it as a throw pillow on our sofa.  Another fun fact about these quilts is that they are reversible, so if you get tired of the pattern on one side, you can flip it over for another gorgeous and colorful pattern on the other side.  Below are some of the variety of options available if you are in the market for a new quilt!


Available via Fossik


Available via Connected Fair Trade Goods & Gifts (they also sell smaller versions for babies!)

The family Love Tree Kantha Quilt3

Available via The Family Love Tree

OM home

Available via Om Home


Available via Jaisalmerhandloom on Etsy

What do you think?!? Do you love these as much as I?  Here is a little bit more inspiration from actual spaces utilizing this design idea to help you to visualize it further…






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