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Mad About: Sleeping Dog Artwork

My husband and I were heading back inside from our walk with Sumo (our Shiba Inu) yesterday and a neighbor got on the elevator with us.  We held back Sumo (as we usually do) so that she did not bother him because she loves to smell strangers.  He noticed this and said, “It’s okay, I’m… Continue reading Mad About: Sleeping Dog Artwork

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Sunday Afternoon Nap and Kantha Quilts

Today I would like to be taking an afternoon nap in this bedroom… Image And speaking of this bedroom, I want to talk about how simple it is to dress up your space and make more original and unique by adding a Kantha quilt. Kantha quilts originate in India and they are known for their… Continue reading Sunday Afternoon Nap and Kantha Quilts

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Sunday Afternoon Nap

I’d like to have my afternoon nap on this Sunday here… Or here…   Both images found here.  P.S. the first image is taken by Paul Costello whose really unique and interesting portfolio and blog can be found here.  I personally love the beautiful linen textures, rustic details, breezy whites and powder blue-grays that make… Continue reading Sunday Afternoon Nap

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rest and relaxation

Sunday is the day for rest and relaxation, but this weekend I began my rest and relaxation on Friday evening and kept it going all through Saturday as well. And after a long, and L A Z Y weekend, I found myself taking naps in rather unusual places including: on the sofa, on the floor… Continue reading rest and relaxation

Sunday Afternoon Naps

Sunday Afternoon Nap

Sunday is a day of rest and relaxation, and the warm spell this weekend in the Midwest has me dreaming of summer. This bedroom with fresh white linens, and bright blue accents is the perfect backdrop for recalling summer memories, enjoy!